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Why disabled journalists should report on disability – Columbia Journalism Review

Screenshot of the Columbia Journalism Review website. A picture of a laptop, pencil and paper, and der text: "Why disabled journalists should report on disability" can be seen.

Often, people with disabilities are not represented in an accurate way in media. The term “inspiration porn” comes to mind, and in fact, as a journalist who mainly writes about chronic illness and disability, I have heard that my stories are “not inspirational” enough many times. However, people with disabilities live their life like anyone else – just under different circumstances. So neither a hero-like portrayal nor a victimized representation is what people with disabilities deserve. 

This opinion piece features one of many experiences I made as a disabled journalist, and it argues the point that we should allow the people that know best to report on disability: disabled journalists.

My commentary was published by The Columbia Journalism Review:


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