In the background is a woman with a camera. On top are all the logos of the magazines I wrote for

I have been writing for over 20 years of my life. What started as diary and story writing developed itself further. Soon a bilingual blog and book articles led to my own small online magazine and autobiography.

Personal fate and my scientific background allowed me to be comfortable publishing articles in the medical field, but I am also writing reports, features and essays about special people with interesting life stories.

I am living between two continents, with several rare and chronic diseases, and switched from being a research associate to being a chronically ill patient. Due to my disability, I had to give up my work in research. However, I still wanted to use my passion for medicine, which ultimately led me to write articles about my medical conditions, my way to diagnosis and the fate of other patients just like me. Combining my expertise as a research associate with my own experiences helped me to grow as a writer and also as a human being.

Several times I asked myself: Was this all I could achieve? Living from disability support at only 28 years of age? Yes, I accepted my limitations, but still, there had to be something I could flexibly do in my better moments, right? The motto “Try and always be a little better; achieve a little more” has been accompanying me since the beginning of my chronically ill life, and so my curiosity and the will to research any health issue led me to journalism, in which I found a new challenge and something that gave my life a meaningful purpose. Today, I invest the small daily amount of energy into my journalism distance-learning degree.

I believe my extraordinary circumstances and a unique viewpoint allow me to share vistas of the human experience other writers hardly ever get to see. Using my journalistic work, I want to give a voice to those who otherwise often remain invisible: people with chronic conditions and disabilities. In addition, I focus on rather „unpopular“ illnesses and unfairness in our social system, and try to contribute to a better understanding and tolerance between the chronically ill and healthy people.

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