Sam E. Rubin ist ein junger Mann der vor einem Gemälde sitzt, die eine Katze zeigt. Er blickt nach unten und hat grüne Augen mit langen Wimpern. Sein Haar ist braun und wellig, sein Hemd kartiert.
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Firsts – Episode 3: Sam E. Rubin

Firsts is a mini documentary series about several authors contributing to the book "Firsts - Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities" by Belo Cipriani. Please enjoy Episode 3: Sam E. Rubin Version with closed captions: Version…
Belo Cipriani, a young man with black, short hair wears a blue shirt and black jeans and sits on stone steps in front of a sea of pink flowers. One hand lies on the back of his guide dog, a black labrador.
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Firsts – The Mini Documentary Series for Belo Cipriani

I had the honor to work with Belo Cipriani, a blind journalist, and advocate for people living with disabilities. Belo recently established a publishing house called Oleb Books whose mission is to represent disability in a respectful and honest…