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Watch ‘We Are Visible’ online ON DEMAND

Black and white photo of Jade, a young girl with shoulder-long, blonde hair and a tube up her nose. She faces towards her left hand in which she holds part of her IV

My documentary film ‘We Are Visible,’ featuring people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome all across the globe, is now available ON DEMAND.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, most events and film screenings for ‘We Are Visible’ had to be canceled, and nothing really went as planned. But the safety of our community comes first! 

Therefore, we decided to make the film available online for all of you!

You can watch ‘We Are Visible’ on these platforms: 

Vimeo on-demand

The film is available in two languages: English and German (subtitled); and accessible: English captioned and English with descriptive audio.

100 percent of the fee for the film will directly go to the non-profit organization EDS Awareness, which has hosted several screenings for the film and supported this project from the very beginning. 

Film Poster We Are Visible. Text: We Are Visible, Open Your Eyes, By Karina Sturm, 'But you don't look sick', Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Poster We Are Visible

If you liked the film and want to help, this is what you can do: 

  • Spread the word about the film. Share a trailer, tell a friend, family member, doctor, or even a journalist about it.
  • If you have any contacts to Universities, Hospitals, nurses or doctors that are interested in promoting this film for educational purposes, forward this announcement to them. We would love to educate more medical professionals about EDS with this film.
  • Post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. We would love for you to review it there and provide the link.
  • Rate it on IMDb
  • Some of our support groups have played it during a support group meeting and then had a discussion. Contact me if you want to host a screening yourself. 

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