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My journalistic work

English publications



Original articles only on this website:

Christoph races through life on one leg

30 doctors have been wrong for 12 years: The medical odyssey of Denise B

Medical marijuana – a medication in CA, and a drug in Germany

Skiing pro Christoph has only one leg

“Why can’t I just stay in bed?” – Seeing life through the eyes of a chronically ill child

Magazines, Blogs, Newspapers, and Films



“Misdiagnosis: The Global Epidemic We Should Be Talking About” – an investigative article for The Mighty.

“Why disabled journalists should report on disability” – a commentary for The Columbia Journalism Review.


My first documentary about the lives of previous and current residents of Laguna Honda’s Positive Care Unit in San Francisco is published.

“16 Things the people who decide who qualifies should know” for The Mighty

“12 easy ways to be a better friend to someone with a chronic illness” for The Mighty

“23 consequences of misdiagnoses people with EDS had to deal with” for The Mighty

“5 Career Paths That May Be Great for People With EDS” for The Mighty

“11 Must-Read Blogs and Websites for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Newbies” for The Mighty

“40 Brilliant Ways to Make Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Medical Devices More Fashionable” for The Mighty

“Disability Advocate Belo Cipriani Creates Oleb Books, a New Publishing House for Writers With Disabilities” for The Mighty

“5 Strategies to Master a Day at School or Work With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome” for The Mighty

“18 Gifts to Give Your Friend With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome” for The Mighty

Firsts is a mini documentary series about several authors contributing to the book “Firsts – Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities” by Belo Cipriani.

Firsts – Episode 1: David-Elijah Nahmod

Firsts – Episode 2: Caitlin Hernandez

Firsts – Episode 3: Sam E. Rubin

All videos with descriptive audio for the blind and closed captions for the deaf


“When I was challenged to share how I really feel about my EDS” for The Mighty

“Finding the humor in my husband buying me diapers” for The Mighty


What You See and Don’t See About the Woman in This Photo” for The Mighty

“To myself when I struggled to accept my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome diagnosis” for The Mighty

“When a Doctor told me not to think about my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so much” for The Mighty

“Dear Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – a letter from your host” for Patientworthy

“When a man at the airport noticed how much pain I was in” for The Mighty

Here’s What I Would Say To The Patients Who Are Being Told Their Disease Is “Not Real” for Global Genes

“HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A SECOND CLASS PERSON?” for strength/flexibility/health/EDS

“Tips for traveling from Europe to the United States while being chronically ill” for EDS Wellness

Medical article about the gene Tenascin-XB and the correlation with various Ehlers-Danlos types for EDS Wellness

“My struggle to feel deserving of love as a woman with chronic illness” for The Mighty


One chapter of the book: “Our Stories of Strength – Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

“Why I Wish I Opened Up to the Flight Attendant About My Invisible Illness” in The Mighty:

“A long journey to diagnosis” for Suffering the Silence:

“How people look at you if you are using a wheelchair without being paralyzed” for the Zippy Zebra

“10 things EDS has taught me” for Patientworthy


GRIESSL, Martin H., et al. Structural insight into the giant Ca2+-binding adhesin SiiE: implications for the adhesion of Salmonella enterica to polarized epithelial cells. Structure, 2013, 21. Jg., Nr. 5, S. 741-752.



STURM, Karina U., et al. Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of an Ig-domain-encompassing fragment of the giant adhesion protein SiiE from Salmonella enterica. Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 2011, 67. Jg., Nr. 11, S. 1371-1374.

German publications


Die Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome mit Schwerpunkt auf dem hypermobilen Typ – an academic article for Springer about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

Tag der seltenen Erkrankungen – eine Betroffene erzählt – a personal essay about my experiences with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome for the Leading Medicine Guide in Germany written for rare disease day.

Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom – mehr als nur beweglich – a journalistic article about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes from a patient’s perspective published by the Austrian Ärzte Woche.

Sonja Böckmanns life with the rare condition syringomyelia in the Leading Medicine Guide Blog.

Neumarkter will zu den Paralympics – a report for the Mittelbayerische Zeitung

Christoph is 15 years old and wants to compete as a skiing pro at the Paralympics in 2022. Recently, he was chosen to be part of the Paralympic skiing team and is training hard to accomplish his dream.

Ein Leben im Ungewissen – an article about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in the Austrian Ärzte Woche

Raus der Blase – an article about gene therapy for severe, combined immunodeficiency (SCID) in the Austrian Ärzte Woche


“Das Monterey Bay Aquarium” in Museumsmagazin

Monterey Bay Aquarium as pdf.

“Auf einem Bein durchs Leben” in Süddeutsche Zeitung

Article about Christoph, a 14-year-old who was in an accident in which he lost one leg when he was only three years old. Now, he is an athlete that trains for the Paralympics.

English version of the article can be found here.

“Vier Jahre im Diagnostik-Limbo” in Süddeutsche Zeitung

Article about my life with a rare, chronic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.


“Warum darf ich nicht einfach liegen bleiben?“ in Müttermagazin

(Article about Marlon, an eight-year-old who lives with an invisible and rare disease)

English version can be found here.

Travel report about San Francisco

Feature about the Exploratorium in San Francisco in the German magazine

Exploratorium Article as pdf

Travel report about Hawaii – “auf der Suche nach dem Aloha Teil I”

Travel report about Hawaii – “auf der Suche nach dem Aloha Teil II”

“Zwischen Kind, Arbeit und dem Selbst“ in Tipi

(Article about a single mom between child, work and herself)

Travel report about Hawaii – “auf der Suche nach dem Aloha Teil III”

The De Young Museum in San Francisco in the German magazine

De Young Article as pdf

“30 Ärzte lagen 12 Jahre lang falsch: Die Medizin-Odyssee der Denise B.“ in Stern online magazine

(Article about a German woman who was misdiagnosed for 12 years and by 30 doctors)

English version can be found here.

Das Mastzellaktivierungssyndrom in MTA-Dialog (deutscher Ärzteverlag)

(Medical article about Mast Cell Activation)

My second book is published: Wenn der Kopf zur Last wird – Mein überbewegliches Leben

The Legion of Honor in the German magazine

Legion of Honor Article as pdf

“Ein Kongress der Hoffnung schenkt” for the German Ehlers-Danlos Initiative

(Report about a dentist conference where I spoke about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)

EDS Initiative report about dentist conference



My first book is published by Tredition: Wenn der Kopf zur Last wird – Mein langer Weg zur Diagnose

Letter to the editor “Diagnosen sammeln wie Briefmarken“ in FAZ, in response to “Manipulation der Krankenkassen. Wie krank ist Deutschland wirklich?“

Interview with Christoph Glötzner, a very special young man

English version can be found here.



“Wenn der Kopf zur Last wird“ in Schattauer Rheuma und Arthritis

(Medical article about cervical spine instabilities)

Schattauer article

“Das Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom vom hypermobilen Typ und die schwerwiegende Komplikation der cervicalen Instabilitäten“ in the magazine of the German Ehlers-Danlos Initiative

(Medical article about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and spinal instabilities)

EDS Initiative 1 2015

“Instabilitäten der Halswirbelsäule und die Schwierigkeit bei der Diagnostik“ in MTA-Dialog (not accessible to the general public)

(Medical article about cervical spine instabilities and the difficulties to diagnose them)

Personal essay about dysautonomia in the German Blog “Potsplatzblog“

“Das Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom mit Schwerpunkt auf dem hypermobilen Typ und dessen Begleiterkrankungen – eine Literaturübersicht“ in the Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel

(Medical article about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and their comorbid conditions)

“Das Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrom“ in MTA Dialog (not freely accessible)

(Medical article about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)