I am inviting the Ehlers-Danlos community to join me for several screenings of my feature-length film ’We Are Visible,’ which shows a variety of people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions all around the globe. 

This poster shows all contributors of the film 'We Are Visible' as pencil sketches around the words: Open your eyes
We Are Visible – Coming soon…

September 2019

Germany – Bad Kissingen

When: September 21, 2019; 8 pm (German time)

The German Ehlers-Danlos Initiative e. V. screens the German version of ‘We Are Visible’ at their annual conference in Bad Kissingen. For more information on how to join the conference, please visit the website of the Ehlers-Danlos Initiative.

You can also join the screening only (without all the expert talks and discussions during the day). For this option please contact vorsitz[at]ehlers-danlos-initiative.de

October 2019

Online Screening – EDS Awareness

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019; 2 pm EST

Chronic Pain Partners exclusively screens an English version (closed captions) of ’We Are Visible’ via their webinar platform once.

Limited to 500 people; no recording of the webinar will be available after the event. This is an exclusive screening only for people who sign up. 

For more information and to sign up for this event, read the announcement by Chronic Pain Partners here.

Online Screening – The Mighty 


When: Saturday, November 9, 2019, 2 PM EST. (Old date: Saturday, October 26, 2019; 12 pm PST is cancelled)

The Mighty exclusively screens an English version (with captions) of ’We Are Visible’ in collaboration with EDS Awareness.

Limited to 500 people; no recording of the screening will be available after the event. This is an exclusive screening only for people who sign up before the event. 

For more information and to sign up for this event, read the announcement by The Mighty here.

January 2020

Boulder, Colorado, US – Event & Q&A

When: Sunday, January 5th, 2020. 2 PM to 5 PM Mountain Time

Screening starts at 2.30 PM, Q&A with the filmmaker via Skype starts at approximately 4.15 PM.

Where: Boulder Public library, main branch. 

This screening event is organized by Nancy Ramsdal for the Boulder EDS support group. If you want to join the life event, please contact me and I connect you to the organizer.

Find the event on Facebook, or in the local newspaper.

Orange, CA, US – Event & Q&A

When: Sunday, January 12, 2020, 2 PM

Where: Chapman University, One University Drive, Orange, CA, 92866, Beckman Hall (Room 404)

This event is hosted by Prof. Arthur W. Blaser and free of charge. The room is wheelchair-accessible.

All attendees, please RSVP, so we know how many people attend. Space is limited.

Schedule: 2 PM: Short introduction by the filmmaker; 2.10 – 3.20 PM: Film screening; 3.20 – 4 PM: Q & A with the filmmaker

RSVP here:


Parking at Chapman University:

Campus Map Chapman University with marked parking lots
Campus Map Chapman University

Please look at the campus map: 


The film screening will be in Building number 3 (the school of business, Beckman Hall).

Visitors can park at two major parking structures:

Lastinger entered from Walnut below Wilson Field, and Barrera, at the corner of Lemon and Sycamore.

Lastinger has accessible parking to the south side of the building. Barrera has accessible parking as well.

Download the PARKING PERMIT:

Providence, Rhode Island, US – Event and Q&A

When: Saturday, January 18, 2020, 2 PM

Where: The public library in North Providence, Rhode Island – 1810 Mineral Spring Ave, North Providence, RI 02904

This event is hosted by Krista Brack and free of charge. The room is wheelchair-accessible.

All attendees, please RSVP to Krista (krista[at]rieds.org)

Following the screening you will be able to ask the filmmaker questions (via Skype)

Black and white shot of a woman with short brown hair looking into the distance. Text: We Are Visible, Film Screening, Oakland.
Oakland Screening We Are Visible

Oakland, CA, US – Event & Q&A

When: Sunday, January 19, 2020, 1.30 PM

Where: 4200 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 – Abio Properties

This event is sponsored by The Pain Community and free of charge. The location is wheelchair-accessible.

All attendees need to RSVP. Space is limited to 50 people.


1.30 PM: Short introduction by the filmmaker, Karina Sturm
1:40 – 3.00 PM: Film screening ‘We Are Visible’
3.00 – 4 PM: Q & A with the filmmaker

RSVP here: https://forms.gle/dTsb8pvZwSgShPx97

February 2020

Sittard, Netherlands – Screening for Rare Disease Day

When: Rare Disease Day, February 29, 2020

Where: Wellness Hotel Sittard, Milaanstraat 115, 6135 LH Sittard

This event is sponsored by Zebra life 4 us, a soon to be founded foundation in Holland.

Doors open at 3 PM and the attendees will be welcomed with coffee/tea and traditional pie. Afterwards, they can have a drink or snack at the bar and chat. Screening starts at 4 PM.

Buy your tickets HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact the hosts of this event Zebra life 4 us.

April 2020

Heel, Netherlands – Conference & Q&A

When: Saturday, April 4th, 2020, 10 AM – 5 PM (CEST, local time)

Where: Cultureel Centrum Don Bosco, Mgr. Savelbergweg 100, 6097 AE Heel, Netherlands.

Janneke Stassen and Monique Vaneerdewegh are organizing this event and ‘We Are Visible’ will be screened at least once throughout the conference. The filmmaker will be available to answer questions at the event.

For more information, please contact the organizers.

June 2020

Switzerland – Film and Conference

When: Saturday, June 27, 2020. 1 PM – 5 PM

Where: Lerchfeldstrasse 3, CH-9500 Wil St.Gallen

This event is hosted by Jasmin Polsini, head of the organization Ehlers-Danlos Netz Schweiz.

More information will follow soon.

More Events will follow soon. 

In the meantime, maybe you want to watch my trailers?

Trailer 1: 

Trailer 2: 

Trailer 3: 

If you are interested in an all-accessible screening (captions or descriptive audio), 

please contact me. 

Do you want to host a screening?

Let me know!

Official Website: www.we-are-visible-film.com

Image: Pixabay

4 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    My name is Adrienne yet my family and friends call me Ana. I was diagnosed with EDS in 2015. I always knew something was wrong yet no one believed me. I can relate to the movie for sure yet I find it hard to relate because I’m a person of color. Every time I’ve tried to research EDS especially when I was first diagnosed there was nothing pertaining to how a person of color lives with the disease. I created my own blog to help those who are of color get through yet it would be nice to see representation of all races when it comes to this disease. With all the new bios and movies that I’m coming across that is speaking more about EDS, the less I see someone who looks like me. I guess it may that I need to do my own filming. Not sure. Just wanted to share how I felt after watching the trailer. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I added my blog via Tumblr just to share my life with you as I battle EDS daily.

    A. Ferron

    • karinabutterfly says:

      Hi Adrienne, I am really sorry that you don’t feel represented by my film. And I have addressed the topic diversity in my FAQs: https://www.karina-sturm.com/en/2019/09/07/faqs-we-are-visible/. But I do want to say something more personal regarding your comment. As someone who is from Germany and moved to the US a couple of years ago, I was pretty much unaware of this whole discussion for a long time. This isn’t an excuse. It’s just something that doesn’t exist where I lived for the longest time of my life. Additionally, I had had major restrictions when filming this project. One was accessibility to people and a very strict timeline; the other major hurdle was money and my own health issues. I did contact a variety of people from all ethnic backgrounds (you might also notice that there are no men in the film, which was not intentional as well), but at some point, I needed to start filming, and that’s how the group of people who are in the film now came together. I did not exclude anyone on purpose, but I absolutely acknowledge what you are saying. I have realized that my culture is different from the American culture, and if I ever make another film for a global audience, I will do better. This being said, I still hope that you might be able to relate to the general challenges the people in my film face. I do believe those issues are quite common no matter our background. I realize, those challenges might be even worse for you, and I hope in the future I will have the chance to represent a wider variety of people. And thanks for adding your blog! If you want, get in touch with me on Facebook and we can talk more about this. Best, Karina

  2. Jason Herterich says:

    I am a chronic pain patient (fibromyalgia) and advocate living in Toronto, Canada. I’d love to host a screening here, if at all possible! The trailers look incredible.

    Jason Herterich

    • karinabutterfly says:

      Hi Jason,

      I would love to help you set up a screening. Would you mind contacting me via e-mail, so we can discuss the details?



      PS: Sorry for the late response. I crashed pretty badly last week and was sleeping a lot.


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