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Watch ‘We Are Visible’ online ON DEMAND

My documentary film ‘We Are Visible,’ featuring people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome all across the globe, is now available ON DEMAND. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, most events and film screenings for ‘We Are Visible’ had to be canceled, and nothing really went as planned. But the safety of our community comes first!  Therefore, we decided […]


How to report on disability

Introduction Disability is an abstract concept many non-disabled people cannot fathom. People with disabilities might have a broad spectrum of limitations; they can be any age, gender, and have diverse backgrounds. Their disability can be visible in the shape of a wheelchair, cane, or brace; or it could be invisible – not to be seen […]


A Rare Disease Advisory Council and Ombudsperson for California!

A few weeks ago, I met Jacob Fraker, a legislative aid of Assemblymember Susan Eggman at the California State Capitol. More importantly, Jacob is part of the rare disease community as well. He has been living with the rare genetic condition cystic fibrosis his whole life. His work focusses on health policy, specifically rare disease […]


Working for Ability Magazine

I have the great honor to be working with Ability Magazine, one of my favorite publications by and for people with disabilities. Some of my work: Director Sarah Stewart and her all-female crew gave great insight into many of the challenges people with chronic illnesses have to face all the time, and by including such […]


‘Who Am I To Stop It’ – Disability Film Review

One benefit of being a disabled journalist and filmmaker is the passion every member of the community we serve shows for our cause: the accurate representation of disability in media. And as part of this community, I often have the privilege to connect to other journalists or filmmakers with disabilities.  This time, while working on […]


Press about ’We Are Visible’

Interviews and Podcasts: EDS Awareness Podcast with Dr. Linda Bluestein I had the honor to be interviewed by Dr. Linda Bluestein, an EDS expert for a podcast featured by EDS Awareness. In this interview, we discuss the challenges of making ’We Are Visible’, my personal goals for the next years, and the plan for future […]


What people say about ‘We Are Visible’

Writers, Journalists & Disability Advocates This engaging, poignant film captures the triumphs, trials, and truths experienced by several different people living with the same condition. Viewers will come to care about each character and deeply understand the ways in which illness, the public’s ignorance and prejudice, and both internal and external struggles impact those living […]


FAQs – We Are Visible

What can I expect of ’We Are Visible’? ’We Are Visible’ is a student film and part of my journalism degree’s MA thesis. I am also disabled and live with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions myself. As part of my program, I have produced one short film about a nursing home caring for people with […]


Screening Events ’We Are Visible’ – Ehlers-Danlos Documentary

I am inviting the Ehlers-Danlos community to join me for several screenings of my feature-length film ’We Are Visible,’ which shows a variety of people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions all around the globe.  September 2019 Germany – Bad Kissingen When: September 21, 2019; 8 pm (German time) The German Ehlers-Danlos Initiative e. […]