‘Who Am I To Stop It’ – Disability Film Review

One benefit of being a disabled journalist and filmmaker is the passion every member of the community we serve shows for our cause: the accurate representation of disability in media. And as part of this community, I often have the privilege to connect to other journalists or filmmakers with disabilities. 

This time, while working on my documentary ’We Are Visible,’ I met Cheryl Green, a storyteller and filmmaker, who introduced me to her film Who Am I To Stop It,” a documentary on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury. Cheryl’s film is a feature-length documentary which portrays three artists living with traumatic brain injuries in the US.  

Trailer ‘Who Am I To Stop It’

As a disabled journalist, I love to watch other people’s work – especially if it resonates so well with what I try to achieve with my work. So I watched the three short films extracted from the feature-length movie and decided to write my very first disability film review, which has been published by the blog of the academic journal “BMJ Medical Humanities.” 

"Who Am I To Stop It" Producer Cheryl Green & Cynthia Lopez, with star Brandon Michael Scarth and his service dog stand upright and smile into the camera. Brandon, a man with short, blond hair is in the middle with his arms around Cheryl, who has curly, long brown hair and glasses, and on the other side is Cynthia, who has red-brown, curly, shoulder-length hair.
“Who Am I To Stop It” Producer Cheryl Green & Cynthia Lopez, with star Brandon Michael Scarth

You can read the review


All images: Cheryl Green

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