Karina, who wears a simple black dress poses next to Beth Haller, who has short blonde hair and wears black glasses
We Are Visible Filmscreening at Chapman University in Orange, CA
Prof. Beth Haller & Filmmaker Karina Sturm

I had the great honor to present my film followed by a short Q&A at Chapman University in Orange, CA. Organized by social studies Professor Art Blaser and disability studies expert Prof. Beth Haller, the screening was held in front of around 100 attendees, most part of the Ehlers-Danlos community or other invisible condition communities. 

Besides a bit of a rough start with some technical issues, the screening went well, and some of the attendees shared their private stories with the filmmaker after the event. 

Karina, a woman with short, brown hair and a simple black dress stands next to a young lady with long, reddish hair and smiles at the film screening.
Filmscreening at Chapman University in Orange

The introduction and Q & A has been filmed and is available to view here:

Want to find out more about ‘We Are Visible’?

Have a look at the official film website.

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