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Caitlin is sitting with her face resting on her hand with both a rainbow beanie on and rainbow painted nails. She is smiling and looking down.
Caitlin Hernandez

This engaging, poignant film captures the triumphs, trials, and truths experienced by several different people living with the same condition.

Viewers will come to care about each character and deeply understand the ways in which illness, the public’s ignorance and prejudice, and both internal and external struggles impact those living with EDS.

Caitlin Hernandez – Blind Writer
A man with a black cap and glasses sits on stairs
David-Elijah Nahmod

 A powerful and moving film that shines a light on EDS, a little known disability. We Are Visible offers much food for thought–it has the power to teach the non-disabled to look upon disabilities of all kinds with compassion and understanding. The people who open themselves up for Sturm’s camera do not ask for pity, they simply want to be heard, to be accepted. Their courage and their honesty serves as an education for us all.

David-Elijah Nahmod – Disabled Journalist & Film Critic

Your documentary is powerful! You teach the world about your experiences, and the experiences of countless people around the world living with invisible disabilities. I hope many doctors and healthcare professionals watch this so they can be more informed.

Haben Girma – Deaf-blind disability rights lawyer, author, speaker

Image of a man with blackish/grey short hair and a white sweater.
Jon Rodis – Activist

‘We Are Visible’ shines a bright but caring light on two very poorly understood and treated conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the many challenges of having and living with an ‘Invisible Disability’. 

Jon Rodis – National Disability and Medical Advocate for Rare Disorders

Voices from the EDS community

Film Release in Germany on September 21, 2019.

You found the words that I am always missing.

You successfully made the different sides of our condition understandable.

We were all really touched and at first speechless.

No words. The film says it all.

After the film, we were speechless for minutes and so touched. I felt as if you made a film about my life! You found the words and images for all this invisible physical and emotional pain.

A woman with short, black, chin-long hair and a black necklace is looking out the window.
Sarah H. – Librarian & advocate

“We are Visible” is a moving portrait of the journey of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome survivors from symptoms to diagnosis to management. This international collage of patients and medical providers starkly highlights the similarities of experiences as well as the differences in health care options, support structures, and the stigma of the diagnosis.

Sarah H. – Librarian & Advocate

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