Karina is holding a sign saying: Yes, we care!

The Care-for-Rare Foundation contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to join their new campaign. Of course, I wanted to!

And I would like to recommend this project to you. Why? Because the Care-for-Rare Foundation is committed to children with rare diseases, and we all know what a significant gap exists when it comes to the care of people living with rare conditions. I was fortunate to have a relatively normal childhood – my limiting Ehlers-Danlos syndrome symptoms did not appear until much later. Other children do not have this privilege! That’s why organizations like the Care-for-Rare Foundation are so important.

Participation is easy. You just have to take a picture of yourself (either with the “Yes, we care!” sticker available on their website or simply without it), register on the website below, upload a photo and click the publishing button! Alternatively, you can also send your picture via e-mail!

All steps on how to participate can be found here:


More information and all photos of the participants can be found at:


Karina is holding a sign saying: Yes, we care!
Yes, we care!

I have already published my picture. Did you guys, too?

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