Seit Kurzem darf ich für das ‘ABILITY Magazine’, eine der größten Publikationen von und für Menschen mit Behinderungen in den USA, schreiben.

Kleiner Einblick in meine Arbeit:

Trust me, I’m sick – Review

Director Sarah Stewart and her all-female crew gave great insight into many of the challenges people with chronic illnesses have to face all the time, and by including such a diverse variety of chronically ill people with different health conditions as well as from different walks of life, they showed that those challenges aren’t unique to a specific chronic illness; they are rather universal and unite all chronically ill people.

Den gesamten Review lesen:

100 years of service – Easterseals

Easterseals was created by one man, who, as early as the 1900s, realized that people with disabilities can’t be ignored and have to be included. More than 100 years later, CEO Angela Williams and her team at Easterseals continue to making sure Edgar Allen’s mission is fulfilled. And maybe—just maybe—before the next anniversary we all can celebrate 100 percent inclusion and 100 percent empowerment for all people with disabilities.

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Multi-media Arbeiten (Video, Audio und Text editing)

Die Video- und Audio-Sequenzen in den folgenden Artikeln sind von mir editiert:

US Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard, Q&A

US Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer, Q & A

Komplette Arbeiten von mir:

Haben Girma Porträt (coming soon)

Jacob Fraker – Rare Disease Advisory Council Artikel (coming soon)

Cover-Bild: Trust Me, I’m Sick

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